Camas provides environmental consulting services to governments, businesses and land owners seeking assistance with projects that impact land and water. We assist with project components such as regulatory permitting, scientific analysis, land conservation, and compliance program development, as well as meeting facilitation related to any aspect of these processes.

We generate solutions at the intersection of science, policy and economics that enable all stakeholders to come away from the table knowing that the path forward is reasonable and benefits both environment and the bottom line. In order to generate effective solutions, Camas provides access to experienced scientists, planners, and facilitators with extensive experience in permitting and environmental compliance on the federal, state, county, and city levels. Our projects include renewable energy & utility permitting, biological consulting and reporting, site remediation and restoration, sustainability and conservation.

Camas takes great pride in playing a part in our clients’ successes and in the ways that all of our efforts contribute to a more sustainable future.

– DIANE BARR, Principal